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Choose the right facial serum for your skin type

Whether you are fond of German skincare brands or any other, it is important to choose the right facial serum for your particular skin type as follows:

1-The first category is called “Normal skin” which is a clear, pimple free skin. It is soft and does not flake. This type of skin is neither dry nor oily, so the surface has a supple feel. It is a relatively easy task to find the right serum for normal skin since the facial supplement market has a vast collection of creams and lotions that contain the vitamins and minerals needed for normal skin to maintain its normalcy. People with normal skin can use regular skin care products, or alternative organic products that combine just the right blend of vitamins and minerals in the serum to make the skin look natural and healthy.

2-The next category is “Sensitive skin” which is the most fragile skin type. It requires special care as it is easy to irritate. Issues like stinging, itching, flaking, acne-break-outs and blotchy redness are a challenge to deal with. The first rule while finding a facial serum for sensitive skin is to avoid products that contain sulfates and synthetic ingredients. A natural facial serum with moistening abilities can cleanse the skin without exposing it to harmful detergents works best.

3-“Combination” is the next skin category. If your skin is dry and flaky on the cheeks, but oily on the forehead, nose, and chin it is a combination skin that you have. The best facial serum for this skin type should contain glycolic acid and vitamins A and E; however, the amount of glycolic acid is important because a high concentration can irritate the skin.

4-“Dry skin” is another category, an issue for millions of people around the world. This category needs a facial serum that must contain a moisturizer such as Shea butter. It should also contain some anti-aging compounds to fill in dry creases and wrinkles.

5-“Very dry skin” is yet another skin type that needs special attention. A facial serum with moisturizing compounds along with anti-aging vitamins and minerals or organic facial serums to hydrate the skin work well for this skin type. 6-“Oily skin” is the last category and almost everyone is familiar with greasy skin that’s prone to break-outs. Oily skin usually has large pores and the best serum for this skin type is an organic clay mask or an oil-free facial serum. Serums containing glycolic or salicylic acid help reduce the oil. Also, choosing one of the best retinol facial serums can reduce the oil produced by overactive pores.